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The M-SN100-F2H SUPREMA Stainless Steel Clear Quadrant Kinematic Optical Mount is fabricated from pressed and sintered powdered metal stainless steel. Through our patent pending process we create cost-effective pressed and sintered powdered stainless steel mounts with performance comparable to that of wrought stainless steel. Newport's SN100 design has been optimized utilizing our broad experience in opto-mechanics, vibration damping and isolation, optics, and material science. Through comprehensive design, finite element analysis, and rigorous testing, we have achieved performance previously attained only through high cost, custom stainless steel mounts. Our Patented clear quadrant design exposes the edge of the optic, allowing beams to pass close to the edge of a mounted optic. 25.4 mm diameter optics are front loaded and held securely in place against precision mounting pads using the nylon-tipped setscrew, or be epoxied in place. Extensive laboratory testing has shown that epoxying the optic in place provides optimal performance and stability. SN100 mounts have superior adjustability and feel. Polished and lapped carbide pads enable smooth, repeatable motion. This two-actuator configuration with 100 TPI locking Hex Adjustment Screws has tip and tilt adjustability over a range of +/- 7 degrees. Convenient M4 tapped holes provide quick, precise, secure and stable mounting. SUPREMA mounts are compatible with standard post and post holder systems for adjustable height and pedestal posts for a stable fixed height. 

Model M-SN100-F2H
Type Clear Edge Mount
Optic Diameter 1.0 in. (25.4 mm)
Mechanism Kinematic
Adjustments θx, θy
Use Research
Drive Type Hex Broach
Angular Range ±7 °
Sensitivity 3.8 arc sec
Special Features Clear Quadrant Aperture
Thread Type M4
Mounting Post (Post )
Base Material Stainless Steel
Adjustment Screw Thread 100 TPI
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